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RealKai Ad Network

RealKai AdNetwork is Singapore based company which is deal in online Banner Ads, In market value that company is growing truly fast than other there are some reason behind like Realkai optimization algorithm which is work for publishers to count each and every impression, Provides  international personal account manager, High Fill rate, Minimum threshold, and best performing Ad Formats . This ad network is a good one for new blogs and websites, any publisher can easily get approval from them also that is a good alternative to Google Adsense.

Founded: 2014, Singapore

RealKai Approval Process:
  • Register your application form with Realkai.
  • Wait for a day usually Realkai approve an application within 12-24 hrs. Note: If you submit your application at weekend maybe it takes time to 72 hrs
  • Make sure whenever you submit your application; your blog/website have content, no adult content, Also not have hate, violence, illegal drug content.
  • Whenever your application approved by Realkai you can Place ads on your Blog/Website I have found any trouble you can to support team.

For Apply Click Here.


Offer Monetize: CPM

Offer Ads: Leaderboard, Medium Rectangle, Half-Page Ad, Wide Skyscraper, and Full Banner.


Minimum Payout: $50 Net 15 day.

Payment Methods: Minimum payment of $50 for PayPal and $100 for Wire Transfer.



Welcome to all publishers.

Minimum Payout and Payment Process are pretty good.

On-Time and Fast Payment, you found here.

Ads Quality and user experience are good.

Get Personal account manager.

Receive reply to any query in 6 hrs on the business day.

Provides an impression optimization algorithm.



Realkai doesn’t have Native ads and In-Text Ads.

No Referral Program.

They approved only English written Content.

Provides advertising on a Cost per Mille (CPM) Only.


Important/Useful Links:


FQAs; Privacy; ToS:

General Inquiries: Email-


Social Links:





Conclusion: Whatever I understand that Realkai is good network for New Blog or Website, reason is they give us fast payment with minimum payout which is a powerful point for newbie if they don’t get approval from Adsense and Some others which leading Ad Network, and one more point to be noted for Asian Country, Realkai approved only English content blog or website. Other all things are good so if want to join that so Realkai is the wait to welcome you.

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