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OpenX is a different kind of platform unlike another ad networks, that was release own in 2008 also now this network growing rapidly around 1,200 publishers, 900+ Premium app publishers, 34,000 advertisers, 400+ buyers, and 190 countries.

This network, why different to other ad networks?,,,  because that network sells your ad place to advertisers with best negotiable price and also exchange the ads. Also, that combines ad server and a real-time bidding (RTB) exchange with a standard supply-side platform (SSP) ensuring the highest real-time value for any trade.

Now a day’s people say Open X is a real alternative to Adsense if you join/fulfill their requirements, Open X gives you awesome fill rate that means high revenue also Ad quality are excellent so of course user experience are also good.

Founded: 2008


Approval Process:

Depends on market variations and your site content quality, but defiantly not for newbies.


Offer Monetize: CPC and CPM

Offer Ads: Text, Banner, Leader Board, skyper and responsive ads


Minimum Payout: $50

Payment Methods: Check, PayPal, and Wire Transfer.



Delivering Against the Highest Standards

OpenX acquired two publisher tools, Mezzobit and PubNation.

Publishers with advanced tools, including built-in header bidding line item and guaranteed programmatic selling tools built into the UI

Highly Yield for Each Impression.



Much information is not open for publishers.

Your blog and website do not monetize until then any advertiser purchase your ad place.


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Privacy Policy:


A/C info:


Social Links:






Conclusion: As I deeply understand this network they give us Unparalleled experience, highly monetization, superior service and many more, also give us high revenue to every possible GEO location better ads quality more ever user experience is good, may publisher exchange and sell their ad space with their own price which price owner want also publisher find on dashboard bidding system for ad place.

I think that is great ad network so once you can choose if you have real traffic, clean web/blog design and quality content.

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