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Infolinks is a popular Ad Network for Intext Ads also Infolinks are work/compatible with Google Adsense, Infolinks is not disturbed any policy of Google Adsense. One More great thing about this Ads Network it’s not cover any space on your Blog or Website, unlike another Ad Network.

You get approval instant no wait for approval, either newbie or professional. Here you find good ads reason is infolinks works with the topmost advertiser like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and eBay.


Founded: 2007


Detail about Infolinks Approval Process

Get approval instant or in a day.

No requirements minimum traffic.

Good for all Newbie and Professional.


Monetize Offer


Ads Types: Intext, inframe, infold, in-screen, in-article, and in-tag.


Minimum Payout: $ 50.

Payment Method: Pay pal, e-check and Western Union.



Compatible with Google Adsense.

The approval process is simple/easy.

Per month visitors or impression requirement None.

Ads are covering space almost none. (not disturb your blog/website)



CPC Revenue is too Low.

User Experience is poor by InText and Intag Ads.


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