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Geoads has a 7-year-old ad network, in last 3 years they served 30 million page view ad served in the market, and nowadays they have a main focus on interstitial and text link ads. Geoads network is growing slowly in ad market also, simply good for new blogs and websites, here you can monetize your blog/website within few minutes(means get instant approval).

That ad network is not popular in the market, I don’t know why? but as per promises, they tell their publishers, the publisher gets high revenue from geoads compare with competitor ad network in text link and interstitial ads.

Founded:  September 2010.

Approval Process:

The nice thing here, not wait for approval.

Create an account with geoads.

Place ad code on your blog or website.

Ready to monetize.


Offer Monetization: CPC, and CPM.

Offer Ads: CPV, Pop-Up, InText, Full-page overlay ads etc.


Minimum Payout: $ 50, net 45 Days

Payment Methods: PayPal, Wire, and Check.



NO wait for approval, most welcome to all blogs and websites.

User experience is good with in-text, and interstitial ads.

Here fire-fox Mozilla browser add-on extension.

Up to the Minute Reporting.

Get dedicate account management.

Highly ads targets.

7 years old ad network, you can trust them.



Full-page overlay ads sometimes disturbed user experience.

The payout, net 45 days that’s not good enough.

Publishers, that have come traffic from Asian countries not good for them.

No Referral program.


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Terms of Use:

Privacy Policy:

Contact us:, 913-378-2074



Conclusion: Here we find about this Ad network, that is 7 years old network so you can trust them; also geoads is pretty good for newbie’s whatever there is no requirement for approval publishers can get instant approval also ads quality good rest to overlay ads. If newbie’s are finding approval problem for their blog and website, they apply here and make money instantly but if you want to compare with Adsense or so leave this network.

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