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wwwpromoter is self-serve ad network which is a good one for all whether the publisher is new, average and premium. That network gives you real-time report like other networks also scan your blog/ website and ads to be malware free which is pretty good for all, they have accepted all kind of website or blog including adult’s contents which is making it different to other networks. Its CPM rate is good for GEO to depend but they are the main focus on Canada, US, Uk etc.

Founded: 2014, Canada.


Approval Process:

Accept and Welcome to all publishers new, average, and premium.

The application submits fields are simple like name, URL, email etc.

You can get approval via email within 2 business day.


Monetize Offers: CPC and CPM

Offer Ads: 300×250, 728×90, 160×600, 320×50 (mobile only), and Full Page Pop ads.


Payment Terms: Minimum $10, net 7 days.

Payment Methods: Withdrawal $10 with Payoneer,

Withdrawal $50 with PayPal, and

Withdrawal $100 with Wire Transfer



Minimum payout is great.

RTB Platform is providing.

Scan Ads and website or blog to be malware free.

Set up your waterfall with multiple layers of pass backs and floor rates.

You make own ad tags.

Accept all new and average publishers.

Accept adult ads to adult content websites.



Revenue is too low compared to other networks.

Main focus on GEO like UK, US, CANADA not good enough for Asian countries.

No Referral Program.



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Conclusion: According to me that network is good if have search alternate of Google Adsense but here one thing publishers whom choose that remember they have 40% traffic come from US, UK, and CA otherwise publishers cannot get high revenue from wwwpromoter ad network, and other things are great which you can found on ad network like minimum payout and payment term also wwwpromoter’s is allowed Adults contents website and blogs.

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