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Clicky Real-Time Analytics

Clicky is a real-time web analytics may be over 1,117,477 websites are using clicky analytics to monitor and analyze their website traffic and other real-time reports. If you use clicky I hope you found that is great analytics tools in free versions of analytic tools. Clicky free versions power is 3,000 page views in a day if you have over 3,000 page view in a day, you may go with clicky Pro version.

Clicky Analytics gives a real-time high-level brief report of each and every segment also engage with videos.


How to register your website with clicky analytics:

First register your site, for registration click here. After that, you will find a page of Clicky Registration like below image.

Here you have to that registration application and submitted after that you get it the tracking code which you have integrated into your website.

Where you find your tracking code?  So go to the clicky home page after login and go with Preferences option under preferences you get an option of Tracking Code.


After you get tracking code you copy that code and paste into your site’s footer/header file if you have one. Otherwise, you will need to add the code to each and every page manually. The code should go directly before the closing </body> tag.

Clicky Features:

Clicky is powerful analytics tools, clicky give deep and details information about visitors and what they doing in our website like pages views, landing – exit page, time duration, location/GEO, device etc.

So let’s go and find its features.

Dashboard:  Clicky dashboard is pretty good compared to another analytics, the clicky dashboard is fully customizable you can customize that as you want, where I think that default dashboard gives us 99% report on a single page like:

  • Basic Report: In this section you get- summary, visitors, actions, unique, and time details.
  • Content Report: In this sections you get- Page, entrance, exit, downloads, event, media details.
  • Links Report: In this section you get- incoming, domains, recent, unique, and outgoing details.
  • Traffic Report: In this section you get- Direct, advertising, searches, and links details.
  • Recent Visitors Report: Here you can find recent visitors with time, Geo, source medium, and hover over visitor actions.

Means that clicky dashboard gives us almost complete details with their cool dashboard management.

Visitor Tab: This tab contains 6 categories; Visitor log, Action log, Engagement (action), Engagement time, most active visitors, and Traffic sources. Also, each category has filter option.

Content Tab: This tab contains Pages details, entrance, exit, downloads, event, media, domains details in brief.

Search Tab: Here you get expand details of Searches; Keyword, engines, recent, newest unique, local searches, ranking, and ranking (sheer SEO).

Platform Tab: Find details of web browsers, operating systems, screen resolutions, and hardware also.

Locale Tab: Here you can get details of visitors where he/she come from like countries, regions, cities, languages, organizations, hostnames, global map, and recent visitors map also.

Campaign Tab: In that option, you can see your campaign details, in preferences you can set your campaign details.

Goals Tab: This tab same as campaign tab first you have to set your goals from preferences, and see details here.

Big Screen Tab: when you with this you should be able to find all details in digital view with icons.

Twitter Tab: If configure your twitter account with clicky so you can able find details here like; # hashtags, @ senders details, @mentions details, semantics etc.

Preferences Tab: In preference, you can manage your clicky account as you want.


Clicky App & Plugin:

Moreover Clicky also provide App and plugins, that apps which are provided by clicky are truly fantastic, whatever I research less analytics provided that kind of service in free versions there is no doubt that app’s and plugin makes more perfect to clicky.

App’s:       Mobile apps

                   Clicky Widget for Android
Pocket Analytics for iPhone
                   Windows Phone app
Clicky mobile web app


                  Desktop/web Apps:

ClickyChrome for Google Chrome
                  Menubar widget for OS X
                  ClickyPanel for Windows
                  iGoogle widget


Plugins:  WordPress, Drupal, Django, Joomla, Angular, MyBB, Ruby Rack, Concrete 5, PrestaShop,
Vanilla forums, Pligg CMS, WHMCS, Koken, Adobe Muse


Clicky Analytics compare with Google Analytics ( Clicky vs Google Analytics):

I show you comparisons between both of them, here Google Analytics gives you all basic report about of your website which you have the need/want usually but Clicky Analytics give you more advanced details about your website.

S no. Service Clicky Analytics Google Analytics
 1. Monthly price for 1,000,000 monthly page views
    Percentages represent the ratio of their price vs Clicky’s price



 2. Yearly price for 1,000,000 monthly page views



 3. Free version available    
 4. Detailed information about every person who visits your website    
 5. Live view of every individual visitor on your site right now    
 6. Highly customizable tracking    
 7. Heatmaps of where visitors are clicking on pages    
 8. Heatmaps segmented by goals, split tests, visitor sessions, and more    
 9. On-site analytics    
 10. Detailed Segments data provided in all    
 11. bot filtering    
 11. HTTP/2 support for lightning fast HTTPS    
 12. A+ SSL rating    
 13. Uptime monitoring    
 14. The best bounce rate metric in the biz    
 15. Automatic HTML5 history support    
 16. Filters to ignore traffic based on country, referrer, and more    
 17. Search keyword rankings    
 18. Local search tracking    
 19. Track Javascript and Flash events    
 20. Goals and conversions    
 21. Dynamic goals    
 22. Long term goal metrics    
 23. Split testing    
 24. path analysis    
 25. Campaign tracking    
 26. Supports Google Analytics campaign tags    
 27. Developer API    
 29. Create sub-user accounts with access to specific sites    
 30. Track visitors who have disabled JavaScript    
 31. 100% Flash free for a great experience on your phone/tablet    
 32. Track outbound links    
 33. Track downloads    
 34. Detailed historical data    
 35. IP anonymizer option for use in countries like Germany with strict privacy rules  


 36. Video analytics    
 37. Alerts via email/mobile    
 38. Alerts via desktop, sounds, and more    
 39. Mobile hardware reporting    
 40. Visitor organizations    
 41. Twitter analytics    
 42. Mobile web interface for iPhone, Android, etc    
 43. Filtering and segmentation    
 44. Customizable dashboard    
 45. Built in URL shortener with detailed visitor metrics    
 46. integration    
 47. Favorites    
 48. Email reports    
 49. Affiliate program to earn you cash or free premium service  


 50. Public statistics    
 51. Official WordPress plugin for easy integration with your blog    
 52. Get your stats via RSS feeds    
 53. Widgets to put on your web site    
 53. Real time data    
 54. IP filters    
 55. IP tags    



Clciky Free version and Pro version: 

S no. Services Free Pro Pro Plus Pro Platinum Custom
1. Web sites you can track 1 10 10 30 More to 1,000
2. Daily page views 3,000 30,000 30,000 100,000 More to 20,000,000
3. Monthly price $9.99 $14.99 $19.99 varies
4. Yearly price $79.99 $119.99 $159.99 varies
5. All the basics
Content / Searches / Referrers / etc
Individual visitors and actions
Real time data
6. Premium features  
7. Heatmaps


8. Uptime monitoring



Conclusion: Finally we go for the conclusion about Clicky Analytics, around 4 years back I used that analytics (free version), and when I enter that dashboard I got all most all report in a single page with one click also, and we talk about the real-time report, clicky update all report up-to-min. so if you want the deep and brief report about your website you can prefer Clicky Analytics it’s easy to use and have many features in free version.


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