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Clicksor Ad Network is another one best ad network for publisher both newbie or professional, it ’s Canada based company, which have more than 150,000 premium publisher or 3,000,000 ads serve per hour and 196 countries covered.

12-year real result

3,000,000 Ads Serve per hour

196 countries Covered

150,000 Premium Publishers.

Founded: 2001


Formats                                                           Cost Metrics                                Average Revenue

Text Ads                                                 Cost/Pay Per Click (CPC,PPC)                 $0.035 Per Click

Graphical? Rich Media Banners       Cost Per 1000 Impressions (CPM)          $0.20 Per  1000 Imp

Graphical Banners                                       Cost per click(CPC)                          $ 0.035 Per Click

Pop-Unders                                                   Cost Per Visit (CPV)                         $0.0025 Per Visitor

Interstitial Ads                                               Cost Per Interstitial (CPI)                $0.0025  per interstitial Ads


Approval Process:

Welcome to newbie or professional blogger and Webber.

Traffic requirements are none.

Get instant approval.


Offers Monetize: CPC, PPC, CPV, and CPI.

Ads Type: Text Ads, Graphical/Rich Media Banners, Graphical Ads, Pop-Under and Interstitial Ads.


Minimum Payout: $50 via Palpal or Check, Wire with payout $1000 and $75 administration fee.

Net 15 days schedule, payments are sent on Thursday of the week.

Payment Method: Paypal, check and wire transfer.



The easy Registration process for publishers.

Welcome to all.

Earn extra by referral program, clicksor gives 10% income every time which you refer a publisher or advertiser.

Revenue payout is good.

Sell Traffic @ attractive fee.

Customer Service 24X7, 365 Days



User experience bad some by Text Ads and Interstitial.


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Contact : 1.866.708.1666 , 1.416.499.8009


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