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Adpushup and Adrecover both are same only names are different so don’t confuse whenever you join this ad-network. So, first of all, I come to the main point of this network why? His other name of Adrecover, let I tell you because Adrevecover gives you ad revenue from adblocker that means if any user which Browser has adblocker plug-in and your blog/website is not able to show Ads they will help you in that condition that means publishers are not lost revenue.

Adpushup is certified by Adsense means, their ads are relevant to Adsense. Adpushup generates revenue is low but good for all Asian countries and US, UK, CA, UAE etc as per guidelines of Adpushup publishers can generate revenue around $0.50 CPM.


Approval Process:

Minimum traffic is requiring 10,000 page visits a day.

Apply process is easy just you have given name, email-id, domain name and traffic criteria.

Reply to your application in 1-7 business days.


Monetize Offers: CPC and CPA.

Offer Ads: Text Ads, Image Ads, In-feed ads, Search Ads and On-Page.


Minimum Payout: $ 100 (net 45 days after revenue generate)

Payment Methods: PayPal and Wire Transfer.



Relevant with Adsense also certified with that.

Secure publishers revenue loss by Ad-blockers.

Welcome to all by open hand Asian and other countries.

RTM reporting and assign account manager.

Not disturb with other ad-network, the publisher can use multiple ad-networks.



Not welcome to newbie publishers.

Traffic requirement is high for applying.

Not offering any kind of referral programs.


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