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Ad-Maven is little bit different ad network from others because this is allowed to adults category but you have mark correct information also have a traffic from every possible GEO with 500 million impressions daily and 2000 direct exclusive publishers.

Founded: 2015, Israel.


Approval Process:

The approval process is easy and you can get approval in a day.

No traffic requirement.


Offers Monetize: CPC and CPM

Offers Ads: Audio ads, Video ads, Rich Media ads, Content ads, Text ads, Graphic files ads, Banner ads, Button ads, Pop-ups ads, Pop-under ads, Lightbox interstitial ads and Text Link Ads.

Top Ads verticals: Streaming and sports streaming, file sharing, torrents, gaming, downloads, and adult.


Minimum Payout: $50, net 30 days end of the month

Payment Methods: PayPal and Wire Transfer (Note: Wire transfer enables only for $1500, and other payment methods are also available by manually).



Good interface for publishers.

Traffic requirement is none.

Allow adult websites or blogs.




Revenue is low from some Geo.

Sometimes users have a bad experience with back pop-under ads or button ads.


Useful/Important Links:


Sign Up:


Phone: +972-722-159-423


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